Control of the system for heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning provides not only energy efficiency and constant saving but also the efficiency of the systems themselves and improves comfort and provides a long product life.




Zone control of heating, cooling, ventilation and climate ensures accuracy and allows the conditions for achieving energy efficiency. Precise control provides comfort and the user is used in a way that is tailored to their own needs. Options management system offers a variety of options including fully automatic option based on the principles of presence and time intervals. Control includes all heating, cooling, ventilation and climate.


LED fluorescent, halogen, compact fluorescent, incandescent, linear, neon and all other types of lighting can be controlled by individual zone or group controls.




Various possibilities of control light group as for example when leaving the pressure one Digmi activate command turns off all the lights, with the possibility that this command is ignored in areas where someone is. One push of a button and the lights are adjusted in advance pre programmed combinations or fire extinguishing and intensity of light for specific purposes like serving dinner, dinner, reading, relaxation, watching TV, cleaning and so on. Features automatic ignition, extinguishing lights. initiated auto mode light comes on only when someone is in a room without being there is not enough natural light and turns off when you leave the room or natural light reaches a predetermined level.


Team mode it is possible that the bright lights and set the intensity to such an extent that together with natural light reaches the required level, in other words, if natural light is coming or not a sufficient amount of light illuminates the presence of those with intensity that is sufficient to bring the total amount to satisfactory level so as not to be too light. The user can have the possibility of stops and starts automatic mode manually or automatically by a time schedule.


The integration of technical and protection alarm system with other systems brings a number of advantages. Without limiting the distance, choice of sensors or access mode.




The first feature digital alarm system is that such systems are not limited by the maximum distance from the sensor stations of hundred meters so that it is possible without limitation to consolidate all external objects, fences, gates, etc. Integration with other systems bring new options. The ability to command the light on the keys off when the alarm and the lights fell, or even turn on and off only in zones where burglars are.


This mode mainly affects the burglars to immediately withdraw. Integration against fire alarms with ventilation in case of increased concentration of gas fumes not only activates the alert system already and start ventilation mode exhaust air, and if there is an open flame completely closes the air supply. Options integration with access control and other systems. I access control alarm system knows no limits, in addition to standard panels able to use touch panels, phones, tablets, etc.


A selection of over 200 models of digital camera allows you to access any situation. Practically in complete darkness cameras recorded completely clear picture.







Proper selection of cameras for a particular position allows to maximize performance for each siuaciju. In many cases where it does not give enough attention to the design of the system, the intruder moving so that the camera does not cover fully or impossible to recognize when it does appear in the frame. Selection of cameras and their position determined by expediency and often a small number of cameras are positioned at appropriate positions to better coverage of the election a large number of less capable camera. It is necessary to pay attention to maintenance. Due to temperature differences I focus camera moves so it is possible that after 6-12 months of work the camera starts to give a blurry image. This is particularly inconvenient if such cameras are placed high so they need to approach to adjust. This is the main reason why people decide to contracts for the maintenance of the system which are additional running costs or otherwise inefficient system. Camera right choice for such situations are more advanced cameras that have automatic focus adjustment function and they can be accessed via the network and does not need specially vehicle or long ladder for physical access. There are possibilities for integration with other systems so that, for example, pale light or performs alarm if someone is in the frame, etc



From classic Hi-Fi devices and media centers to modern zonal devices. If you choose contemporary installation devices avoid visible cables that usually bother to clean and receive top quality from leading manufacturers.




The possibility of using cutting-edge hi-fi system in a completely new form where all components are built. This avoids exposure of cables and cleaning simplify, reduce the possibility of damage and ways to simplify use and adapt to the user. And televisions can be built, and if necessary, behind the mirror so that when not in use look like a mirror on the wall and after starting or switching function receive TV, media center or monitor. Log in and visit our showroom where you can view the built-in mirror TV and hear superb Hi-Fi sound REVOX built-in speakers



Digital intercoms have no obstacles in the distance and achieve phenomenal sound and picture quality. Possibilities of using the mobile phone or tablet device adds extra comfort.





(VOIP) Voice via computer is the standard solution and is not dependent on the manufacturer. Provides safe and without limitation flow high quality sound. The user is able to select a wide variety products and the choice of video intercom and intercom with external camera that can be hidden or distant to visitor was convinced that you can not see.


Possibility of integration with other systems, making it possible to unlock the lock and open the gate, step up the intensity of light or to be notified when someone is near the intercom before a visitor rings. The standard solution provides a future system and avoids the need for changing the system after a period of time.









The ability to control and review the status of all electrical, electro mechanical and electronic devices via the built-in touch panel

various sizes, tablet, phone, computer ... If necessary, users can access the system via the Internet.







Systems are integrated, modular, decentralized with a unique control which means that it is possible to manage and have a look at the state of the system from any position. At the positions where the conventional installations are switches usually use multi functional key panels that have a signal and LEDs that can indicate status. For example, if external light are on, the light in the bathroom is on, one or more of the lights are on on the first floor, gates or garage doors open, mainly the status of those devices that are not in sight of us. Push button panel status changes after turning on lights or turning off the aircon. The use of built-in touch panels that activate various automatic modes, adjust the heating and cooling, view cameras, answer the intercom, unlocking locks and open the gates, garage doors, and command shades, lighting and other devices. It is also possible to choose songs, the volume, changing the channel on the TV, climate control and so on. In order to determine the choice of such devices we must first determine what the functions are.  We also need to determine which functions must be shortlisted to offer more devices that the user chooses between different designs and price. There is a possibility to use mobile or tablet devices as well as computers using the computer network, wi-fi or internet. It is important to choose the devices that meet the desired function, appearance and budget.


All types of blinds, control by a given amount of light, the position of the sun, the meteorological conditions, the conditions of room temperature for heating or cooling, the calendar and time schedule. Using the buttons, panels, tablets, remote devices ...


Blinds, awnings, venetian ...



Usually the control is out of sight with the help button panel where are the  commands such as the manual up-down, left, right, start the slats and the like take place. At these local positions can be and launch automatic mode, then group action as all the blinds in the room above or below or at a predetermined position. Automatic management methods imply tracking the sun, adjust the intensity of light, temperature monitoring to help with  heating and cooling and for the purposes of alarm monitoring weather conditions such as rain, hail and more. If there are built-in touch panels of course it is possible and desirable to insert the functions of all the blinds at such places. In addition to RF and IR remote controls can be used as mobile phones or tablets. The functions and features are a matter of choice of users.




Without the need to carry and thus forget the keys. No need to come down the stairs go or come near the front door to unlock the door to your guest.




Access control offers a lot of options and systems. As an example we will explain principles of the locks in the image.  A rectangular plate beneath the handle conceals a mechanical lock, which is controlled with a specialized key. Key management is not for everyday use, it is intended solely in case of physical damage. In everyday use lock is unlocked via fingerprint, RFID card, or a numerical code. RFID card comes in two physical forms, standard card size credit card or micro card that can be installed between the battery in a mobile phone or installed in a pendant. The lock works on batteries so it is not exposed to electrical shocks and it is possible to make a system that sends a text message when there is a need for battery replacement. If the battery completely run out it is possible to connect the external battery or USB cable and allow the opening and change the batteries. It is possible to lock and unlock the integrated exercise with remote position so as not to need you down stairs to get you unlock, the operation can be made on the intercom, or any panel. It is possible to unlock the phone and execute the like. Use these locks provide a modern approach to life in which there is no need to intercept guests at the door and worry about whether you have forgotten the key.

Measurements of electricity consumption, water consumption, caloric ... The ability to store data in a database, remote access, graphs. Measurements of meteorological conditions ...





Measurements become practice due to the constant increase in energy prices. Measurements and storing it in a database allow us to see where and when we can increase the costs to be able to recognize the appropriate methods of reducing them. In addition of energy efficiency, there are other needs for measurements. For example, the situation where you leave your house, activate the alarm system and if the scale registers the flow of only one litre of water the water is automatically closed and you receive a text message that is familiar with the situation. It is not necessary to cancel the holiday but you are aware that in return pin failure, of a possible pipe bursts to defective water cistern.


Enabling  the accurate billing of tenants.



Controls irrigation by weather conditions, humidity, and temperature and electro-conductivity in your country. Using the optimum amount of water at the appropriate time.




There are people who like to spend some time walking with a hose in his hands. For those who want to spend time in some other way and still want colourful vegetation in the environment, there are irrigation systems. A simple irrigation system includes the distribution of the amount of water by zones the number of nozzles and the initiation and duration of the schedule. In case of rain or the need to use these surfaces leaves the possibility of manual switching process on one of the buttons or touch panel or the phone. Such a system is not the most accurate but is generally satisfactory for most users. The disadvantages are that the irrigation is not done accurately but more or less roughly as it is done when you do not have irrigation but doing it with a hose in his hands and that when you are away and the rain on the irrigation takes place. With this system it is possible to add a weather station so that irrigation does not take place in periods when it rains. The perfect system of irrigation stimulate the use of sensors that measure humidity, temperature and electro-conductivity country. Such sensors are installed in each zone containing a culture which need different amounts of water. This method of irrigation provides the optimal amount of water in the optimum time and realized the heavenly requirements necessary plants in terms of irrigation. It should be noted that many users set flower boxes under the window in which planted lavender, rosemary or castor oil to defend against insects. Watering flower pots such intention is of particular importance.



A wide variety of control devices, from different manufacturers, the number of functions, with or without color status indication. In places the switch on the wall or devices attractin looks and unlimited features. Control lighting, blinds, temperature, audio devices, open gates, garage doors, lock .....





Intelligent Environments that are energy efficiently planned and operated is what we do.


The term  “intelligent building” is presently revolutionising the increasingly ambitious architecture and setting a course in the worldwide fight against climate change. We Service application areas of all Industrial, Agricultural and Residential Control and metering, ranging from lighting, shutter control to security, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, detecting evaporated gasses, as well as household appliances, audio and lots more.


We offer  a wide range of products, installation designs and programming solutions. At the right price and on time.


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Making optimum use of energy efficiency potential.


A United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) report says concerns about climate change, rising oil prices, energy security and growing support from world governments have resulted in a 60% increase in "clean energy"






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