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We are an EIB/KNX Studio providing white labelling services for intelligent installation systems. You tell us what you need and we source, program, test and label your components before we send it to you for installation. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

What is an Actuate Associate?

We provide outsourced KNX system integration services for your business. Actuate Premium Associates are trained to use our systems and are able to manage physical installation and building automation project management. Associates are fully supported by Actuate. With product and system support that includes products sourced by Actuate.

What is a Actuate Partner?

Actuate Premium Partners are Associates who achieve high turnovers, actively promoting our systems and therefore are enjoying more benefits. 

  • We recommend our partners for projects
  • We recommend our partners to project bureaus.
  • Our partners get fast tracked on the list for new technologies.
  • We make sure our partners get the Electrical contracts on our projects.
  • We make sure our partners get the Architectural contracts  for our KNX projects
  • Our developers are the first to be recommended for development Contracts we source.

How do I become an Associate?

Typically our associates are companies or individuals who are able to manage the physical installation and project but they are not able to source, program and commission knx devices themselves. Actuate provide white label systems design, quotations, programing and commissioning. ( we also specialise in difficult systems programming and design when KNX System integrators get stuck.). We provide consultation services at a nominal fee to individuals who sign up to be associates. Contact us to get approved.

How do I become a Partner?

Architects, interior designers, light planners and individuals with interest in projects, sign up to be associates. Contact us to get approved as an associate and as you progress you will become a partner.

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